Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bedroom Make-Over

Paint Bedroom Project = FINISHED
These pictures are not very good, but it at least gets you an idea. I really need to find our real camera (or some how convince Hubby I need my own - DSLR!)
Yes - I MADE those little shelves myself! I was nervous about using the nail gun because of a previous incident from my teenage years, but I did it! And they cost literally nothing! I pulled some scrap wood from pile of wood for the wood stove in my husbands shop and chopped 'em and nailed 'em to my liking...slap on a coat of paint (which I guess I did pay for, but I had it for the walls already - and even that was cheap) and PRESTO CHANGO - Shelves for the bedroom! GO ME!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter 2011-2012 Project List

Way back last fall, I started thinking of a bunch of projects I wanted to around the house during the cold winter months when I couldn't be outside. Needless to say, it's been so mild, that it was hard to get into the "winter" mode and get my projects done. But I have finally started...and have even FINISHED a few of them! Here's what I have...

Paint our bedroom
Finish our wedding scrap book

Paint cream cans (which I am actually really liking them as they this may not get done)

Meet weight-loss goal (I gotta LONG way to go on this...this has REALLY proven to be a battle...but I WILL get there...for SURE by bow hunting season!)

Organize our office

Create a new filing system

Paint spare bedroom on main level

Gather information and organize papers for opening a day care (if we decide to pursue this route)

Go Christmas shopping with mom (we never made it "Christmas" shopping, but have a shopping weekend planned in a couple weeks *SMILES* that I will count)

Have a Christmas baking day with my brother (or LONG weekend)

Draw up garden plans for summer

Re-Organize upstairs closests & toys

Re-Organize the pantry

Organize and sort thru stuff to put on a garage sale

Make venison jerkey

Organize recipies (IN PROGRESS)

Organize and label stuff in the freezers

Start a BUNCH of annual flowers for spring (with this mild weather, it's hard not to start them TOO soon)

Make an assortment of greeting cards

Clean & polish all wood work in the house

Go sledding (this one is looking sorta out of the question...but I'm TOTALLY okay with that)

Start/Finish our honeymoon scrap book (I cheated - I did a photo book on Shutterfly...but hey, IT'S DONE)

Make new curtains for the whole house (yikes...winter will be done before we know it...and I don't even know what colors I want for the rooms)

Make shelves for the Barbie room so the dolls don't all have to sit on the floor

Aquire a summer purse (I've done that...and then some!)

Make decorative wreaths for all seasons (which has ALSO turned into a cross for all seasons...and the more I think about how I'm going to do each season, I find that I want one for each month...)fall wreath and cross, winter cross, Christmas wreath, Valentine wreath and cross

Do a puzzle with my hubby (it just needs to be glued together and hung in the garage now)

I think I may have overdone it on this list, but I'm feeling a little more motivated lately and just maybe will have ALOT of these done by spring...maybe next years list won't be SOO big!