Monday, June 27, 2011

Must Have Monday: Book Edition

I only started reading avidly about a year ago...before then the only books I would read were cook books and the bible here and there. I got hooked on reading while working out at the gym. I borrowed a few of my gramma's Nicholas Sparks books and was hooked...and had nice long owrkouts at the gym. The rest is history. I'm addicted! Here are a few books on my TO READ list...obviously you can tell I'm a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan...and the Nora Roberts ones...I've heard there good, so I would be interested in giving her books a try...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend with the Boys

Here are some pics from when the little boys were here for the weekend. We went and watched the parade in Little Falls and got lots of candy to send home, we played at "Gryffin's Park" at our hose, went for a quick 4-wheeler ride, got Easter eggs in the Barbie "fishing" net, played with tractors, went to church and went to see the animals at the zoo!