Thursday, July 5, 2012

More of the kittens

I just LOVE these blue sparkly eyes on him!

Seriously...a picture of me poopin'?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kittens in the Wood Pile

 So on the 27th of June - our little cat, Tigger had 3 baby kittens! Oh, they are cute! 3 little tiger striped babies! She is being such a good mamma! After not sure what to do with her 1st batch of kittens a few months ago and losing all 6 from that batch, I was worried how she would do this time. But she is definitly surprising me on how good she is!

BUT, the next evening while my husband was going through one of the wood piles, he found a few more surprises! We used to have this stray cat who sorta ended up permanent. We suspected she had babies but never did see her bring them out. She disappeared about 2 weeks ago and kind of forgot about her kittens being we never saw any sign of them & we were suspecting that they should be about a month or more old.
Low and behold, in the exact wood pile we thought they would be in, my husband had heard some meowing and then this is what he found.  A very pretty white fluffy bunny looking kitten with bright blue eyes and 2 orange kittens! They were a little timid at first, but after some coaxing with some canned cat food, I was able to "rescue" them and put them in the shed with the other kittens! But man, they are sure cute!


"If you get any closer, we won't come out!!"

I looked at a reference book and I am making an educated guess that the white one and the bigger orange one are males and the little orange one (the one peaking out of the logs by itself) is a female. We've come up with Bunny for the white one and Chubby for the boy orange...just not sure what to call the girl one yet. And as for Tigger's kittens, I am guess ing all boys, but its a little harder to tell with them. We'll wait until they are a little bigger and can tell for sure what they are before we come up with a name!

Any suggestions for the girl orange one?