Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Apparently squash is supposed to be good for you. My aunt kept trying to tell me we should try it. I remember not being a fan of it as a kid, but I thought I would give it another shot. Barney was kinda the same way. My aunt brought me 2 of them. I made one for supper last. 2 to 0 vote...squash is gross. End of story.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Crafts

Here are some of the crafts I have made this fall. Fall decorations are something that I was lacking in my decoration inventory for the house so I thought I needed to do something about it. I had a REALLY crafty brain one week and found all kinds of project ideas and then got the supplies and WHALA....this is what we got!

This is not the best picture, but here is the wreath I made with hand-made fabric flowers. I want to make a wreath of some type for all the different seasons and this is the first on my list! And I've got all kinds of ideas for other seasons floating in my head now too!

This cute little pumpkin I picked up at the craft store in the clearance section. Part of it was kind of broken so I got all the flowers and decorations to help cover up the broken parts. It turned out pretty cute and was also super simple to make! I'm thinking after the season is over and pumpkins like this are on clearance I'm gonna pick up a few more to decorate for next year!

When I saw this project idea I thought that it was super cute and SIMPLE! I figured I could whip it together lickity split. NOTE TO THE NEXT PERSON WANTING TO TRY THIS: Stick with larger eyes if you can! I didn't get too many of the larger sized eyes and all those little ones took alot of time and patience!

I LOVE making fabric flowers! They were perfect for the wreath and as I was making them I was thinking of all kinds other ways to use them: headbands, necklaces, clips for purses, pins for coats, other decorations, gift wrapping, and the list goes on and on. I am now on the hunt for scrap material of any color and pattern! Slightly time consuming when I first started, but so much fun, especially when you see the end product!

This idea just came out of no where kinda. All these leaves were used as table decorations at my cousins wedding in September and I noticed how colorful and STURDY they were. When they started cleaning the tables that night, they were just going to throw them away, so I made sure to collect as many as I could. It took me a few weeks to decide what exactly I was going to do with the leaves. I finally decided I wanted to make the cross, just didn't know how I wanted it to look. So I just told Barney to make me a cross some how and that is what I got! I love it though! Now where to put it...

This was another fun one! Wood letters, scrap book paper, decoupage and embellishments: Super easy and Super cute! This one too gave me a bunch of ideas for different holidays!!

And that is what I've been making this fall! I'm looking forward to making decorations for seasons to come now too! Decorations mean so much more if there is a story or an experience behind them!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wowza...it's been a LONG time!

So these past few months that I haven't done any update you could say we were a little busy with things at home...and I just hadn't felt like updating! We finished our wedding season (5 weddings over the course of 5 months - 1 each month from May to September - PERFECT way to do wedding season!). They were all so much fun and I am happy for each couple! Unfortunately we were slacking with the picture taking most of the summer and haven't really gotten any updated pics of what we've been up to or any of the weddings we went to.

This one we took after Matt's wedding once we got home...

We have finished up the gardening season and the canning season (AMEN)!! We canned pickles, pickled beans, apple pie in a jar, apple butter, pizza sauce and bruschetta style salsa. I still have to freeze some pumpkin but right now the pumpkins are in use as decorations and for sale...so whatever I don't sell I will freeze (unless its alot - then the deer will eat too!

Here's a few of the pumpkins we got!
We do still have potatoes and carrots to dig and popcorn to harvest, but other than that it's all done! And we have all kinds of new ideas for next year already! Kind of excited for that!

We also celebrated our 1st Anniversary in August! Looking back it FLEW by...but I still remember that day and am so much more in love with my husband now than I ever have been!

Looking forward to many many many more years of wedded bliss!

For our anniversary, we took a mini trip to Grand Marais to celebrate. We had a 4 day weekend and really enjoyed our time just relaxing and taking in the scenery...and plenty of food too!

We had decided before we got married that each year for our anniversary we will go on a little trip somewhere...just to get away, relax and reflect on the past year and what's to come! I chose this years location and Barney said he's choosing next years...I'm curious to see what he'll come up with...or when he asks for my help! Either way, I'm looking forward to it!

Now I have just been crafting fall decorations and preparing for the fall and winter festivities! Hunting is right around the corner, then my brother and I have a weekend set in November that we will be doing all of our Christmas baking, then its Turkey day and I am hosting Thanksgiving with my family...ubberly excited about that!! Then December rolls around and I CAN FINALLY DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Any way! I really enjoy this time of year! And I promise not to go this long again without updating!!!