Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zebra Cookies

These were soo fun to make!  I got the idea from, where else, but Pinterest! We have a surprise 30th birthday party that I wanted to make cookies for and I thought these would be fun to make...and I was right!!  Super easy, too! Just take your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe and add food coloring (the gel kind). And instead of rolling the cookies in white sugar, roll them in the coordinating colored sugar and BaDaBiNg!!! And then as soon as they are done baking, plop a Hershey's Hug into the middle and let them cool completely (if you move them before they are set, your hug will start to run...oh so fun! Here is the pin that inspired me! I so cannot wait to make these in a rainbow of colors next time! Yea!