Friday, May 6, 2011

Tree Planting Weekend

Starting tonight...and hopefully ending tomorrow night...Barney & I are planting our 1500 trees for the deer! We're hoping in time all these trees will be a "Haven" for the deer population around us and thus, make it easier for us to feed our family! That sounds like we live in poverty, ha! No, really though...we want to increase the size and population of our deer herd at our place which in turn can make for some wonderful deer hunting! We have 500 black spruce, 500 white pine and 500 tamarac trees to plant. We ordered them through the DNR and we are also getting a tree planter for the weekend to make things go a little smoother! From how I'm picturing this operation to go, some how the tree planter gets hooked up to one of our tractors and one drives the tractor (Barney) and the other (Me) sits on the tree planter. The tree planter has a divet in the front that will make a hole in the ground, I will drop the tree in the hole and then the tree planter has something on the back that packs it back down...we will see how this works. Then we'll have to go behind and flag all the trees so we can see where they're at. Hopefully it goes half way decent! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share by Sunday! Wish us luck and hope for good weather!

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