Monday, June 20, 2011

Must Have Monday: Garden Edition

I LOVE this time of year...when all the flowers start to bloom!!! And I am SOO blessed to have some gorgeous flowers at our new house...BUT...I always want more!! And I am VERY partial to pink flowers...and I don't have a TON of pink in my current here is my gardening wish, tools and what-not!!

I LOVE peonies - and even though they are not PINK, these beautiful white ones would have a home in my gardens!

I do have some very beautiful pink tulips...but not a bunch...

Some of my garden tools are in tough shape...and some of the above are not even in my garden tool this set would make a great replacement!

We currently do not have a little walk behind tiller...just the big one to attach to the lawn mower. With the size of our vegetable garden...and all the flower garden stuff I have dreamed up, a walk behind tiller is a MUST! We are currently on the look out for one of these!

I REALLY would like a big, healthy pink rose bush in the middle of one of my flower gardens!

So pretty!

What's a beautiful flower garden without a pond? I have seen many beautiful flower gardens without ponds, but there is something about a pond in a flower garden that is so a good way!

Pink daisies...simply beautiful!

I have some Gerbs like these...that I managed to winter in the house and are looking AMAZING now that they are out in the sun and have some beautiful flowers blooming!

Pink Peonies

(above & below)

These two are just way too cute...I could definitely make a home for them!

Pink tiger lilies...I LOVE tiger lilies when I was a kid...they were always orange though...but these pink ones would suit my pink garden and bring back childhood memories!

More pink lilies!!

I have a few irises...I'm usually NOT a fan of the flower just cause the coloring is usually kinda not my style...but these...these would do!!!

I have just the perfect spot for a large water fountain like this! The previous owners at our house have this HUGE perennial garden in the middle of our circle driveway and a little spot just for this...even equipped with electrical outlets! Just add a few spot lights and BAM! GoRgEoUs!!

More simply beautiful pink daisies!

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