Monday, July 4, 2011

Must Have Monday: 1st Barbie Edition

I started collecting Barbies, oh...about 9th grade or so (so that makes it about 13 years...yikes!) I had kind of put collecting them and keeping up to date on what's out there for dolls for a while being they were in storage from moving here and there...but once Barney & I moved into our new home, there was room for me to have a whole room just for them. Once I started pulling them out of the totes...I was instantly hooked again! I have re-activated my Barbie Collector Membership and am recieving catalogs again! Yea! A few of the first dolls I had were from the Classic Ballet Series. I have all but 1 of those dolls (Barbie as Juliet) but here are some other ballet dolls that I am fascinated by! So pretty! There are ALOT of dolls on my wish list, so I will have more than one edition of this!

Prima Ballerina Barbie

Elina Barbie

Barbie as Juliet

Classic Grace Barbie

Litghter Than Air Barbie

Swan Lake Barbie

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